Simonetta Interior Design

I believe... I know... I think...That...

“Interior design is basically planning and thinking”

We all have the desire for harmony, but imagination and style is different with each person...

„Interior design is the „skeleton” of a room. Where do we enter, how do we leave? How is it lit? How do different elements match? If we neglect to thoroughly consider these questions, we will not achieve our goal, no matter what style we use.”

„The secret of a good interior design is to ask simple questions: How do we want to live our family life? What do we want to offer to our visiting friends?”

Interior design, simply put, is creating a home. 

„The purpose of a home is not the furniture, but the atmosphere people can experience!”

Lights, colours, space, materials, the distribution of furniture.... All these affect our mood. We, interior designers, are responsible partners in creating the optimal and perfect arrangement to achieve the atmosphere of the dreamed-up home. 

The place where we live should not be just a space, but it should be filled with our souls and personalities. This is what makes a real home, which reflects us because it is our mirror image.