My name is Szimonetta Márton, I am an interior designer-consultant. I have „travelled” extensively to reach my final destination and fulfil my dream: to make my hobby my profession. Being an interior designer is more than just consultancy where I present a creative, stylish, elegant, energetic environment in a home. Being an interior designer means identifying with clients and their thoughts and taste. Everyone has their own style and personality, and this applies to us, interior designers as well. „Personal style relies on self-confidence: we have to know what we want, and not be afraid to show it!”  

I dream it up, I design it, I believe it, and I accomplish it!

I believe in the motto of the modern, emancipated, elegant and dynamic woman, Coco Chanel: „If it doesn’t spread, it’s not fashion.”

I, too, come under the influence of a design. I like new and unique things; I represent novelty, the fascinating experience and feeling of styles. It is my goal to become a guide towards stylish homes and environmental culture. I like challenges, new materials, distinctive objects, family memorabilia that seem to have feelings of their own. I consider it a challenge to transmit and implement the client’s personality into their homes. I like revealing myself as well, to give and to provide consultation to those who really long for their Homes!  

I believe all dreams can come true. I know that if I believe, my dream will turn into reality. 
I accomplish what I dream and believe in. 

This is how Simonetta Interior Design Studio was created, with its motto of „Your Life... Your Design!” I am working to create an interior design studio where stylish ideas, useful and important information, unique advice, and my creative personality will enchant those who are moving house, or are about to build or renovate a home, and those who simply love home design!

 „Elegance doesn’t mean people notice you; it means they remember you.”

I strive for customer satisfaction, and I stick by until the final result because I have no greater joy than experiencing how each of my work becomes a little bit my own, and evoking the most cozy feelings in all my „children”. I strive to achieve 100% satisfaction, to leave behind a living space that will be an intimate, agreeable and lively home, where clients can enter their homes with longing. „The secret of the perfect work is the enjoyment we find in it.”