The following images display the residences of characters of a TV series. These characters from the Upper East Side in New York are different personalities, which is also represented in the arrangement and design of their homes. The common feature is luxury and wealth. Let’s look at the apartments one by one.

The next list is for the winter sports lovers and for those who like winter design. Within design, I have collected the most exclusive and the most extravagant hotels and I also present their interior aspect. It was the first hotel that gave me the idea for this project.



Every year Pantone Color Institute announces next year’s design color. Last year’s orchid’s color will be changed to the brownish reddish Marsala tone on the fashion runways and in all parts of design this year. 

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Dear design lovers, welcome to the world of interior furnishing! With the change of seasons, this website was created on the wings of the new wind! We are at the beginning of a fascinating round-the-design trip. Come with me and take a look around! Simonetta Design - Your Life…Your Design!



CATables, introduced at this year’s Design Week in Milan, were created especially for people with cats so that their per will not only rest on the table but also take their place in the cave carved inside; although, as we know, man proposes and cat disposes. RUAN Hao, LAI Zhenyu and LIN Jingrui, designers of the architectural firm LYCS, came up with the idea and manufactured from wood this 78×70×150 centimetre accessory they call “Cat Heaven”. Would your pet take a fancy at it?  

American furniture designer Greg Klassen is the manufacturer of these „I want one!”- category wooden tables, eliciting the atmosphere of rivers and lakes, enriched with glass insets, and crafted with immense care. When crafting individual products, he uses and recycles pieces of wood found around his home or at constructions, which is a nice example to follow, although the zest of his furniture is more the glass insets.