Interior design involves organizing our living spaces, choosing, arranging, planning, and implementing its material and dispositional elements. Interior design may be done at homes, or at any other place where important, temporary or permanent events of our lives play out, such as the workplace, a restaurant, a shop, or a hotel. The transformation of our surroundings becomes interior design when it is constructed with a need to achieve specified aims. The contents of interior design may depend on the maturity of society, fashion, aspiration, or social strata.   

My areas of expertise: 

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Fees calculated by the size of interior design area

Category I General design requirements:  2500 - 6000.- HUF/m2
Category II Above-average design requirements (complex functions, spaces with intricate geometry, lofts, more than one floor, more than one generation, chateaus, castles, other specific requirements):  6500 - 13.000.- HUF/m2
The above prices do not include VAT!

Contents of offer:

  1. interviewing, task analysis, task interpretation
  2. surveying – drafting 
  3. functional reinterpretation (if necessary)
  4. interior design plan (floor map)
  5. wall plans
  6. spatial views, 3D visualization
  7. installation locations of engineering and electrical appliances according to interior design standards
  8. consignation of bathroom, kitchen, etc. furnishings (furniture + furniture assembly drawing)
  9. construction and demolition plans
  10. surfaces plan (floor, wall)
  11. individual built-in furniture plans: functional plan without structure (surfaces, built-in cabinets)
  12. lighting plan, lamp distribution (floor map, wall plans)
  13. concept description
  14. selecting and recommending fabrics (curtain, carpet, decorative fabric)
  15. colour consignation
  16. decoration, recommendations on decoration
  17. artwork recommendations
  18. presenting catalogues and samples
  19. technical management

Contents of design documentation: 


1. Preparation phase: 
  1. Program coordination, field study and requirements specification.
  2. Drafting of the original conditions. Scales: 1:50, 1:100 (based on original architectural plan + review) 
  3. Consultancy
¼ day (3 hours)
15.000,- HUF
2. Design phase (+ preparation phase)
  1. Draft designs (functional spatial plans, modifications in the form of an interior design plan in 2-3 versions)
  2. Draft design visualizations
  3. Final interior design plan (floor map) Scale=1:50
1 day
40.000,- HUF
The above prices do not include VAT!


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I create drafts of homes advertised by real estate experts and agencies, conversion planning, interior design consultancy, and 3D visualizations!

Consultancy to those moving house, building a home, or looking for an apartment or real estate. – Ongoing contact, all the way to implementation! 

I design gardens, courtyards, patios, and balconies, as required!